The Saku Sake Brewery Agritourism website is now online.

Japanese Sake is a tradition that the Japanese people have passed down since ancient times.
Sake is offered up to the gods, both in supplication for abundant grain harvests and in thanksgiving for such harvests, and it is always present on ceremonial occasions as well as on joyful occasions such as coming-of-age ceremonies.
Japanese Sake has deep ties with the gods, and it is said that the very making of Sake was at one time considered a sacred Shinto ritual in Japan.
Every drop of Sake is a tiny miracle that owes its existence to the delicate skills and the training of kurabito who form close bonds with the water, with the rice, and with the koji mold that at one time could only be found in Japan.

We would like you not simply to drink this Sake, one drop or one cup at a time, but to savor it in connection with the various things that went into making it.
We want you to feel the joy of meeting people of our area whose hearts are embraced and soothed by the majestic mountains that surround Saku, by the clear waters, and by the serene ambience of a Sake brewery. And we hope you will spend some quality time in the presence of people and an area that are constantly becoming more closely tied together thanks to Sake.

The aim of the Saku Sake Brewery Agritourism Promotion Council is to boost — primarily by means of local Sakes — the tourism potential of Saku as a place where one can directly encounter the resources of the area.

We will continue to present information on Saku and what is appealing about this area; we will also continue to serve both as a link between travelers and kurabito and as a link between the Saku area and lovers of Japanese Sake everywhere.