Mt. Asama is to the north, the peaks of the Yatsugatake are to the south,
Mt. Arafune is to the east, Mt. Tateshina is to the west.
The region of Shinshu Saku is surrounded by mountains.
The sake brewing has been developed in the area which is blessed by
the mineral contents of clear water from the mountains and cold weather in winter.
Also, rice cultivation has been prosperous in this area since long ago.


Clear water

Mt. Asama, Mt.Arafune, the peaks of the Yatsugatake, Mt. Tateshina.
The mineral content of clear water from the mountains is a blessing of the Saku area. This clear water is indispensable for agriculture such as rice cultivation, fishing, and sake brewing.

Rich soil

Rice cultivation and farming are flourishing on the flat, fertile soil surrounded by mountains on all sides.

Cool in summer, cold in winter

About 650m to 1500m above sea level in the Saku area. The climate is having temperature gap morning and daytime in summer, the coldness in winter is severe. There are Many sunny days throughout the year.

Farmers grow rice, vegetables, fruits and fish deliciously in Saku, which is blessed with clear water, abundant soil, and climates of various temperatures.


Delicious rice in the Saku area

The mineral content of clear water brought from the mountains and the rich soil grow the rice. The rice is characterized by its strong stickiness and sweetness. Sake rice is also produced.

Harvest in rich soil

In the Saku area, agriculture of various sizes is carried out on abundant soil. In recent years, the number of farmers engaged in organic and pesticide-free farming has increased. You can enjoy safe and delicious crops full of energy.

Delicious fruit

In the Saku area, fruits such as apples and peaches are actively produced by taking advantage of the temperature difference between day and night, the high rate of fine weather, and the good ventilation. Among them, prunes have been cultivated in Saku City since the 1950’s. and in the Saku area, raw prunes are in farmers market and supermarkets.

Fish raised by clear streams

In the Saku area, river fish such as Saku carp and Shinshu salmon are cultivated using the pure water from the mountains. The fish grown in the clear stream has no odor, thick and has plenty of umami.